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Welcome to The Balance...

The Balance… Millennial Wife, Mom, & Modern-Day Career Woman is a brand/lifestyle to inspire and motivate women. Here you will meet women who are just like you, trying to find that “balance”. Once upon a time, not long ago, there was a silly belief that women had to choose. Choose between their livelihood, their life, dreams, and goals. Well, that time is no longer! You can have it all! Your career, family, the happily ever after, etc.! You can have it all without compromising your health and wealth.” Please be advised this is NOT place where we encourage you to be superwoman. Grant yourself some grace. You are human.  Yes, you can have it all, but it will just take a little work and most of all support. That’s where The Balance… comes in.

As an online community, consider us your bestie/homegirl and therapists all in one! Here you can find daily motivation/affirmation, tips for time management, scheduling, quick recipes for your family, career development/networking, and rediscovering yourself! Also, if you are not a millennial but can identify with this brand, please feel free to engage and join our community. This is a non-judgement zone! Vent, yell, scream, cuss, (not at each other please) twerk, laugh, cry, etc.! Feel free to be as free as you want, and simply BE! Always remember that before you were a wife, mom, or career woman, you were YOU! Find your Balance!

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Danielle Blakely 
Millennial Wife, Mom, & Modern-Day Career Woman

Danielle Blakely is a Millennial Wife, Mom, & Modern-Day Career Woman. And yes, you guessed it is, just like you, trying to find “The Balance” in this thing called life. The idea for this wonderful community/brand came about when I was just shy of 30, enrolled in graduate school (for the 2nd time), a new mom, working full time, and trying to plan a wedding out of state. I was literally a human octopus. I wanted to create a brand/community that would be a support system for women like me.

With a great husband, a strong support system, some time management skills, prayer, and a little bit of trap music/hot girl music, (see there’s balance everywhere 😊), most days aren’t as hectic as it could be. That doesn’t mean I have it all together, just like any other person, I have ups and downs, but I’m determined to see it through. I hope that The Balance… Millennial Wife, Mom, & Modern-Day Career Woman becomes a safe haven where you can find comfort, peace, and sense of sisterhood.  Enjoy!

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