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Modern Day Career Woman

 Whether you work a 9-5, 7-11, 24-7, however you make a living or "get to your bag", you're a modern-day career woman. Career women are no longer limited to what THEY wanted us to do! We are CEOs, directors, stylists, fashionistas, public health professionals, nurses, doctors, lawyers, real-estate investors, estheticians, etc. and overall BOSSES! Whether you're on payroll or producing payroll, you're still a boss! Why? Because I said so! LOL! Because you decided to handle business for yourself and/or your family! Find your balance with open discussion about new gigs, who's hiring, the gender wage gap, how to ask for a raise, networking, and more! We are unapologetically going after our dreams and everything we deserve!


Modern Day Career Woman=Boss Babe


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